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Married woman tricked into sex

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Some part of me thinks it may be immoral to take a married woman with kids, tell her you’re going to make her a model, and then film her fucking you for money instead. On the other hand, every other part of me thinks it’s hot as hell. They tell her to take her clothes off so their boss will know what she looks like naked, which is apparently required in all modeling agencies. They then give her a fake lipstick that vibrates, and tell her to masturbate with it, which is also apparently required by all modeling agencies. We’re guessing that she isn’t very bright, but she’s definitely hot and watching her masturbate is nice. Making the transition to straight up sex is easy at this point, as they use very little coercion to get her to dildo herself with a much bigger and less tricky vibrator. At that point, they’re home free and she gladly sucks his cock. After being unsatisfied by her husband for years, she’s extremely happy to have a skilled tongue on her clit, and a big cock in her pussy. After a while of fucking, she has her first orgasm in years, and practically faints on top of the guy. I feel kind of bad for her husband, but if she was that depraved of cock, then he probably deserved it.


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